Program Success is maintained by Tom Tsongas, a program management professional in the software industry.

I have over 20 years of combined experience in the corporate world across a variety of different product types, although I primarily reside within the web client/server space.

I like to consider myself a ‘process agnostic‘ type of individual. I value process and recognize the success and failure rates of projects and programs can often be linked to not having an effective process. However, I do not believe in a panacea where there is a single one size fits all solution.

More often than not, process is a gradual and sometimes difficult thing to both master and implement. I like to approach any new project (or program) with the following mindset:

  1. What process is currently in place?
  2. How effectively is it being utilized?
  3. Does the process align well with the release cycle of the team?
  4. Is the team enthusiastic about the process?
  5. What steps can I take to improve upon the existing process and/or, what steps can I take to initialize a new process?

Of course, many project and program managers will often fall into the trap of marrying themselves to one process or ideology and discount any conclusions that lie contrary to their views. This reminds me of developers in the software space that get married to a single programming language and have no desire to function outside of that realm. In my opinion, that is myopic thinking.

Prior to my current role in program management, I spent many years on the engineering side of things, working as a software engineer, build and release engineer and technical project manager, to name a few. This exposure to many different areas of focus gave me a pretty holistic view of things which made for a nice transition into the program management space, once an opportunity arose. It was at that point that I found my true calling and have been working in a program (and development) management capacity ever since.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the content of this blog or any of the posts I made, feel free to leave feedback or contact me directly. I always welcome good discussions with my fellow project and program management peers. You can read more about my current role and background by accessing my linkedin profile at:



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  4. Michelle says:

    Hi Tom, I’m trying to access an old post of yours (Project Management Certifications – Which one should you get?) but the links seem to be dead. I keep hitting an Error 404 message. Could you help?

  5. Tom says:


    Do you have an email adress where i can contact you directly? Thanks

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