Welcome to Program Success!

Hello and welcome to the blog, Program Success!

So what is Program Success and why write a blog about it? Essentially, it’s a location where individuals within the project and program management spaces can view posts relating to their field of discipline as well as share ideas regarding all the nuiances and aspects of life in the world of program management.

Project and program management is a pretty wide subject area and there are numerous different types, categories and even definitions of what the inherent functions are for anyone in that space. Often times, program and project managers will be associated with the likes of product managers, business analysts or product marketing managers. Now while overlap may occur between those disciplines, the crux of the function of project and program management can basically be summarized as follows:

Project Manager – An individual that has the responsibility for the planning, execution and closure of a project. Those projects can span a vareity of different areas, such as construction, architecture, telecommunications, civil engineering, hardware development and software development.

Program Manager – This is an individual that also handles the planning, execution and closures of projects, but is generally responsible for more than one project occurring simultaneously. These projects can span many of the aforementioned areas and will often be interrelated. Program managers will often have to coordinate with disparate project team leads to ensure the overall program is successful.

In recent years, the notion of ‘Technical Project/Program Managers’ has come to the forefront and is often a widely sought after position. Individuals in these spaces still often perform the same duties that a standard project or program manager might also perform, but in general, their technical background is far more advanced. Usually, Technical Project/Program Managers are individuals that have held an engineering title of some sort before transitioning into their new role. Essentially, Technical Project/Program Managers are experts in their domain of knowledge (such as web development or chip manufacture) and they utilize their baseline knowledge and understanding of fundamentals to better gauge the overall progress and performance of their company’s programs.

From the standpoint of this blog, my focus will be mostly within the realm of program management in the software development space, since that is the field I reside. But I certainly welcome insights from fellow program managers who reside in other areas. Often times, new and very valuable ideas and concepts can have their origins in disciplines outside of one’s scope. And a fresh perspective can very often give new ideas to individuals in areas within different domains. All insights are always welcome, including differing views. I certainly don’t profess to have all the answers and I am happy to have a frank and professional discussion with fellow peers regarding their views.

With all that being said, thank you for stopping by! I will endeavour to make frequent posts and updates to this blog and I hope that any information that I provide is something that you find valuable.